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About Us

We are construction experts who care about build quality and client satisfaction.

Our team of experienced professionals is skilled in numerous specialist fields and consistently delivers a friendly and approachable service and professional project management. Our in house knowledge and experience combined with tried and tested professional relationships enable us to meet all the technical and commercial requirements of our market sector.

We aim to defy all the negative expectations that are associated with the building trade by being timely, tidy, polite, respectful, sensibly priced and focused on a first class finish.  



We take a proactive approach to accident prevention including the identification of hazards, and the avoidance, reduction, or elimination of risks.  Appropriate measures for prevention or reducing risk are implemented in the early stages of project planning and then carried through to site set up to run in conjunction with safe working practices.


We constantly reinvest in the development and implementation of health, safety and welfare with particular attention to the training or personnel.  Consultation with our employees on health and safety matters is crucial to our continued development and training programmes are constantly reviewed to ensure that competency levels are maintained.


With our health and safety culture and commitment to high standards, you can feel confident in our ability to deliver your projects safely and without compromise.

Our foremost consideration is the health, safety and welfare of our operatives and the general public. The emphasis on health and safety is conveyed throughout all levels of the company.



Our Environmental Policy commits the organisation at all levels to ensure that we identify any risk of pollution arising from any of our activities, products and or/services, which shall be either eliminated or effectively controlled to meet all regulatory requirements relating to the environment. Furthermore we reduce to a minimum unnecessary use of materials, resources and energy as well as ensure responsible disposal of waste created and received and its reduction to the lowest practicable level.

We advocate employee involvement in all environmental matters, providing suitable training and support to all employees with regards to our environmental policy.

We are committed at all levels to manage our activities to minimise their effect on the environment. 



We understand that our success comes from our relationship with the clients, all of whom have a direct access to their designated project manager 7 days a week. Every project large or small has the oversight of a company Director who ensures that the works are properly planned, that progress is continually reviewed and our commitments are kept.


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