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All roofs are exposed to the elements and degrade over time, requiring a professional attention. If you are unsure about the condition of your roof or are already experiencing problems, we are here to help.

The roof inspections are tailored to the needs of our clients and can be provided as a proactive and periodical detailed assessment of the roof structures or as an emergency visual investigation of specific area with reoccurring problem.

Our experienced surveyors are qualified to carry out inspections of all types of roofs, with the focus being on roof coverings, chimneys, drainage and guttering systems, valleys, flashings, smoke domes, skylights, parapet walls, fascias, soffit boards and more.

Any defects identified during the inspections are presented by a report. This in-depth assessment of severity of defects is supported by photographic evidence and provides a proposal of rectification works as well as exact location of defects which are pointed out on an aerial map.

Our CAA accreditations and extensive experience enable our inspections to be UAV DRONE ASSISTED and to cover hard access or dangerous areas.

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