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CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) approved

Aerial UAV drone inspections are an innovative way of performing many of regular and emergency checks which are frequently necessary on commercial premises and industrial sites. The close visual inspection of assets is often seen as preferred method of data acquisition thanks to the level of safety and efficiency of these operations.

Our UAV platforms are operated by our certified and experienced pilots and provide an ultra-high definition, 4K photographic and video survey footage of areas which are too difficult or risky to access. The visual data collected during the operation is reviewed in detail by the inspectors for which an expert condition report is provided to the client.

Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

o   Roof inspections

o   Building inspections

o   Insurance inspections

o   Construction sites inspections

o   Industrial sites inspections

o   Structural inspections

o   Infrastructure inspections

o   Utilities inspections

o   Mining inspections


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